HARTING Industrial Connectors - Configurator And Savings Calculator [for iPad]

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How to: HARTING iPad App


The Industrial Connector Configurator is a drag-and-drop interactive tool that allows engineers, buyers, sales people and other users to select and customize electrical connectors that are used in a variety of industrial settings – including mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distributions, as well as electronics and telecommunication.

Users customize the connector by selecting from a variety of featured hoods, housings and corresponding modules. During the selection process, both male and female sides of the connector are shown. Once the customized connector has been configured, the application generates a list of specified materials (including part numbers) that can be sent to the user via email.

To better understand the cost savings over time, users can also input actual connector vs. hard-wiring costs. The application dynamically displays the cost savings over a period of four, different installations, which can also be sent to the user via email.

The HARTING App is currently only available on iPad and will be coming to Android platforms soon.

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