HARTING Technology Group

03. March 2014

The world invited to Espelkamp

The participants at the HARTING Technology Group’s International Management Meeting (IMM) in front of the main building at plant 1 in Espelkamp.

HARTING managers discuss the latest developments

HARTING managers from all over the world came together once again this year in Espelkamp for their annual strategy meeting. The International Management Meeting (IMM) primarily focused on information about the performance of the individual local subsidiaries and the medium and long-term strategic orientation of the Espelkamp-based, family-owned company. The meeting also provided an opportunity to present the latest trends and developments at the HARTING Headquarters in Espelkamp.

“The get-together is very significant in terms of target attainment. Social events are also an important part of this week,” remarked Margrit Harting, Senior Vice President and Partner. In addition to constructive dialogue and collegial discussions, a cultural and social events program in Espelkamp and the eastern Westphalia-Lippe region provided opportunities for recreation.