HARTING Technology Group

24. September 2009

Genuine values – German industry

Genuine values – German industry

German industry is the cornerstone of Germany’s economy, and it is a source of genuine values. Values that are sustainable and capable of creating jobs with a future, for the future. The Federation of German Industry (BDI) has launched an advertising campaign entitled “Genuine values - German industry” in order to bring principles of the social market economy back into focus, simply because this is the environment in which true values are created. Now is the time for employers and employees to work together – and herein lies the foundation for a strong German industrial sector and with it a strong Germany. By working together to create genuine values we will overcome the crisis.

Five German companies have been selected to represent German industry as a whole: the HARTING Technology Group, DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Grillo Werke AG, Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH and Wittenstein AG. These companies stand for sustainability, quality and true values. The HARTING Technology Group is a family business, and as a matter of course the Harting family were happy to get together and face the cameras for the advertising campaign. With son Philip and daughter Maresa joining the business, Dietmar and Margrit Harting are able to draw support from their family, and the transition to the next generation is underway. Family and tradition are among the values that characterize the company.

Dietmar Harting, the managing partner in HARTING KGaA, has been a committed member of the Presidential Board of the BDI since 1999. As Vice President from 2001 to 2004 he played a decisive role in shaping the Federation.